I’ve done something crazy. I have taken my beloved Kona color card and cut it up into tiny little pieces. Why? So I can do this.


And this.


It is amazing. I have been frustrated, ever since purchasing this card that I can’t move the swatches around. Yes, it’s great for matching solid fabric to coordinating fabrics that you have in your hands but I like solid colored fabrics. I like lots of solid colored fabrics. And visualizing what lots of solid colored fabrics look like next to each other is nigh to impossible when you can’t move them around. So I did it. I cut up the card and it has changed my life.


The Elevated Envelope

I know I’ve talked about the Elevated Envelope swap once or twice before, check out Ephemera Press for more details (and to sign up for the next round!).  Well, the deadline for postmark was May 1st so I can finally share what I’ve done.  I chose love notes for my theme because aren’t love notes really the best kind of notes?  I think so.

Elevated Envelope 1

Elevated Envelope 2

I started by putting plain resume paper through my sewing machine using an assortment of decorative stitches.  I thought it looked nice and lacy.  I used 4 colored threads to create a gradient in the stitches with the color palates inspired by the super awesome American scientists stamps. I ended up using the William H. Johnson stamps though because I think they are more lovey.  The envelopes were lined with brown craft paper for more stability and filled with some goodies to help other people share the love.

Elevated Envelope 3

I included the following: a teeny tiny envelope filled with 2 bonsai stamps and 1 postcard stamp, a family recipe for some delicious chocolate heart cookies, a note from me on an awesome Texas themed postcard, and a blank postcard to spread the love.

Elevated Envelope 4

Everything was packaged away and promptly mailed on May 1st.  I hope the recipients like their envelopes!

Elevated Envelope 5

Elevated Envelope 6

I was left with a craft table (dining table) that looked like this. Looks like fun, doesn’t it?  Go sign up for the next round! Group lists are being mailed out June 1st.  I will see you there!
Elevated Envelope 7

Envelope Inspiration

So…that whole Elevated Envelope thing. I haven’t made any actual envelopes yet but I think I’ve settled on a theme.  I’ve been collecting inspiration images and sketching out lots of ideas. I’m thinking about something inspired by love notes.  Who doesn’t love mail and arn’t love notes the best kind of mail?


Clockwise from the top left

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3 | Source 4 | Source 5


Clockwise from the top left

Source 6 | Source 7 | Source 8 | Source 9

Catching Up

It’s been a while since we’ve all been here together, let’s catch up. While I was gone I hosted a holiday, made some table linens, made a Weekender bag, made some cookies, put one quilt aside, put together a book, made more cookies, put together another book, laid out anther quilt, changed my mind, bought more fabric, and laid it out again. I’ve been to three different cities and back home again.  All in 2 months.  That sounds about right for the holiday season doesn’t it?  I have only just recovered from the post holiday funk a few days ago. I have lots of things to share with you. We’ll get to that. For now, check out this super cute skirt I found on Pinterest.  It’s where Architecture Nerd meets Awesome. I think this would be a great Spoonflower project.


To Make You More Awesome

photo by Chris Sommers

I want to make it clear, I am in no way doubting your awesomeness. However, should you wish to be more awesome, here are three places to start.

Put This On
has turned me into a menswear enthusiast, if that’s possible.  If only I could find the female equivalent of this blog I’d be a happy lady.  You should definitely check out their episode on personal style…they go to a corduroy convention!

Matchbook Magazine
is a free online magazine billed as a field guide to a charmed life and in of itself is quite charming.  It’s also made me realize how badly I want a Burberry trench coat.

How to Write a Thank You Note
In case you have lost your Emily Post, you will need this in order to thank other people for THEIR awesomeness.

And go.

Lazing About

photo by Florin Gorgan via Flickr

Oh hey there.  I came back.  Again.  I’d like to say that I’ve done something worthwhile during my blog hiatus like write the great American novel.  Alas, I’ve done nothing but laze about and read books.  It’s really too hot to do anything else. 
I did take a short trip over to Washington DC where I toured the Library of Congress.  

Did you know anyone can get a library card to sit in the reading room?  Anyone.  Oh how I would come to this room and sit and read.  If only I lived a short train ride away instead of half way across the country.  Citizens of DC, I hope you’re taking advantage of this.