Birthday Crowns

When my mom asked my niece what she wanted for her third birthday, she said balloons and a birthday crown. Sounds like a good party. 

Google birthday crown or search on Pinterest and you will find a plethora of patterns, plans, and ideas. I found this one particularly helpful. 

I dug out some beautiful bamboo felt purchased at the now closed City Craft in Dallas years ago and set to work making flowers, letters, and decorations. (Guys, this felt is seriously, amazingly soft. Does all bamboo felt make you want to rub your face on it? Note to self, investigate softness of various bamboo felt.) 


The kids heads are around 20″ in diameter (yes I made one for my nephew too.) so I made the felt 18″ long and used elastic for the remainder. Conveniently, a trip to the Mars Cheese Castle last weekend provided the perfect template in the form of a child’s cardboard crown.

Some heavy weight Pellon interfacing provided stability between two layers of felt. The crown points still ended up being a little droopy but I’m told this was cute.

I think I might need to make a few more, like in adult lady sizes…possibly with glitter.


Does anyone else’s work table look like this after a project?


I am not ashamed.