A Magical Quilting Fairy


Guys, my mom is a magical quilting fairy.
I have this quilt that I’ve been meaning to make for a looong time (ahem, three years) for a very important gift giving occation (wedding). Emily Post would be horrified. 

I have been paralyzed by indecision, laziness, a move half way across the country, and more laziness. And probably definitely also fear. Making a quilt for an architect seems harder than making a quilt for a baby. Babies can’t voice their very specific design opinion to tell you that your quilt is ugly. Or that your parti isn’t evident, that it’s too rectilinear and other architect-y words. 


Not that my friend would ever do that. She wouldn’t. And if her beautiful handmade and self cooked wedding is any indication, she will appreciate something made for her by me. But still.

Anyway, back to the magical quilting fairy part. My mom said, “I am coming over and we will make this quilt.” And she did come over and we did make this quilt. She also shopped for my list of fabric and brought with her every single item one might need to craft a quilt including but not limited to a super awesome sewing machine, several kinds of thread, basting boards, best press, quilting gloves, giant cutting mats, and rulers. Really, a magical quilting fairy.

These Kona solids, the pallette. 


This quilt, the inspiration.
These hands, a magical quilting fairy.

More to come.


Banjos, trombones, whales

A few days ago I conversed with a stranger while waiting for banjo class to start. I do that now – play the banjo. Sitting on a bench, he was waiting for his jazz ensemble to begin. With a white beard, he looked to me like a sea captain or George R. R. Martin. We talked and he proceeded to tell me how he was forced to learn to play the banjo when he was young. He hated it. All I could picture was this man on a deck of a boat chasing whales and calling to them with his trombone.

Banjos whales and trombones

Modern Embroidery

All of this burp cloth making has had me thinking about embroidery.  Maybe if I’m going to be doing more of it I should learn more than one stitch. Maybe I should even try my hand at a sampler, because I think I need more hobbies typically associated with 80 year old women. Maybe later we can drink tea and can something together.

I found this pretty sampler pillow case from Purl Bee while looking around.

Source: Purl Bee

And these pretty samplers from Craftzine.

Source: Craftzine

You should also check out the amazing stitches here and here.

P.S. You know what you find when you search embroidery on Flickr?  A lot of fallopian tubes, that’s what.



I have a confession to make.  I am in possession of some seriously beautiful fabric that I have no idea what to do with.  This is not a recent thing, I’ve had this fabric for years and am afraid to cut into it. What if I make a wrong cut and ruin it!!!

It all started here in 2006 when I spotted some fabric that I had to own.  Wouldn’t you know, mom made that dream come true. (Just like with the thimbles!  She is like a magical fairy princess!)  So, since the winter of 2006 I have had in my possession yards of this fabric.  I’ve
thought about making it into a duvet cover, table runner with matching napkins, or sofa pillows.  I could frame it and hang it on the wall or upholster a side chair in it.  Guess what, I can’t decide. Someone must help before a few more years go by and I will have had this fabric for a decade.  I welcome your suggestions.

Fabric by Mairo www.mairo.se

Christmas Sewing


 I have an announcement to make.  Christmas sewing has commenced!  I have never been this on top of things before.  Ever.  I have a few projects I want to get done for Christmas, some of them are super secret until later.  One of them is that super cute baby quilt with that beautiful fabric from a few days ago.  Fabric has been purchased, washed, ironed, and some of it has even been cut.  It’s going to be a good Christmas.