Birthday Crowns

When my mom asked my niece what she wanted for her third birthday, she said balloons and a birthday crown. Sounds like a good party. 

Google birthday crown or search on Pinterest and you will find a plethora of patterns, plans, and ideas. I found this one particularly helpful. 

I dug out some beautiful bamboo felt purchased at the now closed City Craft in Dallas years ago and set to work making flowers, letters, and decorations. (Guys, this felt is seriously, amazingly soft. Does all bamboo felt make you want to rub your face on it? Note to self, investigate softness of various bamboo felt.) 


The kids heads are around 20″ in diameter (yes I made one for my nephew too.) so I made the felt 18″ long and used elastic for the remainder. Conveniently, a trip to the Mars Cheese Castle last weekend provided the perfect template in the form of a child’s cardboard crown.

Some heavy weight Pellon interfacing provided stability between two layers of felt. The crown points still ended up being a little droopy but I’m told this was cute.

I think I might need to make a few more, like in adult lady sizes…possibly with glitter.


Does anyone else’s work table look like this after a project?


I am not ashamed. 


Berea, KY Part 3

After making soap and necklaces we journeyed to Bittersweet Studio for some woodworking.  Did I mention it was hot? And sawdust filled in the open air wood shop. And dirty. It was kind of great. We glued things and cut things and sanded things. By things I mean wood. 

We used all kinds of power tools and came a way with three whole cutting boards each and faces that hurt from laughing. If I have not stressed enough that you should head to Berea to take some class – get thee to Berea!!!

Berea, KY Part 2

After we made soap, we made necklaces. Stamped metal necklaces with long chains that jingle when we walk. 

We also saw the turning (Spinning? Turning? Turning.) of a pewter disk into a shot glass.

Seriously. This shot glass started as a 4″ diameter flat disk. It’s almost like magic, except that it’s physics. Cheers to the Gastineau Studio and their friendly metal working.

Berea, KY Part 1

Get thee to the Learnshops!!

Should you have the opportunity to head to Berea, Kentucky to take classes during their month long Festival of Learnshops, go.

We arrived on a hot, hot, hot weekend wherein I may have been the youngest person in town. We saw many beautiful artist studios and shops. I want to carve wood, I want to weave cloth, I want to make pots.
We made soap.



plus this


Equals this. And fun. It equals this box of shiny, shiny almost soap. And fun.
Get thee to the Learnshops!

Well, get thee next year because you already missed them. Slow poke.

The Amazing Flying Quilt

This is the strip quilt made from those previously posted fabrics.  We took at trip over to The Winspear Opera House for a fun photo shoot.  Strip quilts are fast becoming my favorite.  I especially like the combination of wide patterned strips with skinny bright solids.

Baby Girl Strip Quilt Reflection

I think it turned out great, the fabrics my friend Jennifer picked out really worked well together.  The perfect quilt for a new baby girl!

Baby Girl Strip Quilt Flying 3

Baby Girl Strip Quilt Hanging

I added a little something special on the back.

Baby Girl Strip Quilt Monogram

Plus One

I’ve been delinquent in sharing my projects with you.  I made this quilt for some friends in Dayton who just welcomed a little girl into their family.  I’ve been wanting to try a Plus One quilt for a while now.  I think this is the quilt that made me finally decided to make one.  Our friends are a strictly University of Cincinnati family and so it was a red, black, and gray quilt for them.

True to form, I made a grid using AutoCAD and then used Photoshop to which fabric to buy.  When the fabric arrived, I ended up swapping out a few fabrics in an effort to make the selections look more like a baby quilt.  I’m not sure if I succeeded but I think the end result turned out nicely.



As an added bonus, I appliqued  a C-paw on the back which I then quilted around to bring the design to the front.

Believe it or not, I started this quilt last December but it was another 4 months before I finished it and another 2 months before I’m managing to share it will you.  I’ll try to be a little more on top of it next time.


Another Weekender

Remember a way, way long time ago, like October, when I mentioned that I was making an awesome Christmas gift?  Well, I foolishly gave that gift without taking any photos. Last month I went on vacation with my family and was able to get some photos of it in action.

It’s another Weekender.  That fabric is Lace from the 2010 Ty Pennington fabric collection.  He’s got some great patterns in his collection.  The inside is lined with this French Ribbon in Blue from the Heather Bailey’s Garden District collection.

The best part is that it works.