A Magical Quilting Fairy


Guys, my mom is a magical quilting fairy.
I have this quilt that I’ve been meaning to make for a looong time (ahem, three years) for a very important gift giving occation (wedding). Emily Post would be horrified. 

I have been paralyzed by indecision, laziness, a move half way across the country, and more laziness. And probably definitely also fear. Making a quilt for an architect seems harder than making a quilt for a baby. Babies can’t voice their very specific design opinion to tell you that your quilt is ugly. Or that your parti isn’t evident, that it’s too rectilinear and other architect-y words. 


Not that my friend would ever do that. She wouldn’t. And if her beautiful handmade and self cooked wedding is any indication, she will appreciate something made for her by me. But still.

Anyway, back to the magical quilting fairy part. My mom said, “I am coming over and we will make this quilt.” And she did come over and we did make this quilt. She also shopped for my list of fabric and brought with her every single item one might need to craft a quilt including but not limited to a super awesome sewing machine, several kinds of thread, basting boards, best press, quilting gloves, giant cutting mats, and rulers. Really, a magical quilting fairy.

These Kona solids, the pallette. 


This quilt, the inspiration.
These hands, a magical quilting fairy.

More to come.



I’ve done something crazy. I have taken my beloved Kona color card and cut it up into tiny little pieces. Why? So I can do this.


And this.


It is amazing. I have been frustrated, ever since purchasing this card that I can’t move the swatches around. Yes, it’s great for matching solid fabric to coordinating fabrics that you have in your hands but I like solid colored fabrics. I like lots of solid colored fabrics. And visualizing what lots of solid colored fabrics look like next to each other is nigh to impossible when you can’t move them around. So I did it. I cut up the card and it has changed my life.