My What Big Cheez-Its You Have


The better to have a Cheez-it bar with.

Step 1. Go to the store and buy many boxes of Cheez-It. If you don’t want to look like a crazy woman, (who me?) make several trips to the store during your lunch hour and buy a few boxes at a time. 

Step 2. Hide said Cheez-It boxes all over your house so your Cheez-It loving spouse doesn’t find them and ruin the surprise.

Step 3: Create labels for each variety of Cheez-It like a fancy cheese plate.

Step 4: Display each type of Cheez-It in it’s own bowl with fancy label.

Step 5: Watch the surprise and delight on your guest’s faces as they try to figure out which is their favorite.

Step 6: Have so much fun you forget to take a photo of the masterful Cheez-It display.

Happy Birthday, Husband! 


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