Modern Embroidery

All of this burp cloth making has had me thinking about embroidery.  Maybe if I’m going to be doing more of it I should learn more than one stitch. Maybe I should even try my hand at a sampler, because I think I need more hobbies typically associated with 80 year old women. Maybe later we can drink tea and can something together.

I found this pretty sampler pillow case from Purl Bee while looking around.

Source: Purl Bee

And these pretty samplers from Craftzine.

Source: Craftzine

You should also check out the amazing stitches here and here.

P.S. You know what you find when you search embroidery on Flickr?  A lot of fallopian tubes, that’s what.


4 thoughts on “Modern Embroidery

  1. Thanks for the nod to my little mini-samplers! And the pointer to the Purl Soho sampler pillowcases, which are so lovely. I just got a new duvet cover that came with a set of plain white pillowcases – and of course no crafter can leave anything plain white, can we? 🙂 I think that’s exactly what I’ll do with them – so pretty!


    1. Your samplers are beautiful and so inspiring. I’m glad you found the link to the Purl Bee pillowcases just in time. I can’t leave anything as is either!


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