Another Weekender

Remember a way, way long time ago, like October, when I mentioned that I was making an awesome Christmas gift?  Well, I foolishly gave that gift without taking any photos. Last month I went on vacation with my family and was able to get some photos of it in action.

It’s another Weekender.  That fabric is Lace from the 2010 Ty Pennington fabric collection.  He’s got some great patterns in his collection.  The inside is lined with this French Ribbon in Blue from the Heather Bailey’s Garden District collection.

The best part is that it works.



The Elevated Envelope: Incoming Mail

I might be a little biased,

Incoming Mail Elevated Envelope 1

but I think this envelope I got from my mom is pretty awesome.  Especially the little panda bear.

photo 2

photo 4

My favorite part is the little teeny tiny envelope made from a vintage map of texas.  Hey, Dallas.
photo 5

The Elevated Envelope

I know I’ve talked about the Elevated Envelope swap once or twice before, check out Ephemera Press for more details (and to sign up for the next round!).  Well, the deadline for postmark was May 1st so I can finally share what I’ve done.  I chose love notes for my theme because aren’t love notes really the best kind of notes?  I think so.

Elevated Envelope 1

Elevated Envelope 2

I started by putting plain resume paper through my sewing machine using an assortment of decorative stitches.  I thought it looked nice and lacy.  I used 4 colored threads to create a gradient in the stitches with the color palates inspired by the super awesome American scientists stamps. I ended up using the William H. Johnson stamps though because I think they are more lovey.  The envelopes were lined with brown craft paper for more stability and filled with some goodies to help other people share the love.

Elevated Envelope 3

I included the following: a teeny tiny envelope filled with 2 bonsai stamps and 1 postcard stamp, a family recipe for some delicious chocolate heart cookies, a note from me on an awesome Texas themed postcard, and a blank postcard to spread the love.

Elevated Envelope 4

Everything was packaged away and promptly mailed on May 1st.  I hope the recipients like their envelopes!

Elevated Envelope 5

Elevated Envelope 6

I was left with a craft table (dining table) that looked like this. Looks like fun, doesn’t it?  Go sign up for the next round! Group lists are being mailed out June 1st.  I will see you there!
Elevated Envelope 7

Modern Embroidery

All of this burp cloth making has had me thinking about embroidery.  Maybe if I’m going to be doing more of it I should learn more than one stitch. Maybe I should even try my hand at a sampler, because I think I need more hobbies typically associated with 80 year old women. Maybe later we can drink tea and can something together.

I found this pretty sampler pillow case from Purl Bee while looking around.

Source: Purl Bee

And these pretty samplers from Craftzine.

Source: Craftzine

You should also check out the amazing stitches here and here.

P.S. You know what you find when you search embroidery on Flickr?  A lot of fallopian tubes, that’s what.