Lou Lou Thi Pillows


These pillows have been a long time coming. I’ve done the math. It’s been Exactly 100 days since I originally showed you this fabric. Little did I know at the time, that was the Summer Totem fabric in grapefruit (pale pink background) not tart (white background) as I originally thought. It’s been about 93 days since I ordered the white fabric from Esty, about 24 days since it all got washed, and 22 since I bought the zippers. It’s been 12 days since I looked up tutorials (I used this super easy one from design sponge) and 10 days since I made the pillows. That’s 100 days from fabric to blog post. How long did it take me to actually make the pillows? Oh, about 2 hours. Well worth it since we now have our summer pillows and it’s October. Oh well. They really pop against our light gray sofa. I love them. They are backed in Little Folks voile Pastry Line in olive and are super soft ( I used some interfacing to give the voile a little more stability.) The best part: zippers! I made our last pillow covers before I hade uncovered the mysteries of zippers and ended up sewing them right on the pillows. This is much more convenient. So now I have my summer pillows, it’s time to think about my fall pillows….



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