To Make You More Awesome

photo by Chris Sommers

I want to make it clear, I am in no way doubting your awesomeness. However, should you wish to be more awesome, here are three places to start.

Put This On
has turned me into a menswear enthusiast, if that’s possible.  If only I could find the female equivalent of this blog I’d be a happy lady.  You should definitely check out their episode on personal style…they go to a corduroy convention!

Matchbook Magazine
is a free online magazine billed as a field guide to a charmed life and in of itself is quite charming.  It’s also made me realize how badly I want a Burberry trench coat.

How to Write a Thank You Note
In case you have lost your Emily Post, you will need this in order to thank other people for THEIR awesomeness.

And go.


Lazing About

photo by Florin Gorgan via Flickr

Oh hey there.  I came back.  Again.  I’d like to say that I’ve done something worthwhile during my blog hiatus like write the great American novel.  Alas, I’ve done nothing but laze about and read books.  It’s really too hot to do anything else. 
I did take a short trip over to Washington DC where I toured the Library of Congress.  

Did you know anyone can get a library card to sit in the reading room?  Anyone.  Oh how I would come to this room and sit and read.  If only I lived a short train ride away instead of half way across the country.  Citizens of DC, I hope you’re taking advantage of this.