Sketchbook Archive | 7.22.11

Koldinghus castle, Denmark.  An interesting study in page composition.
August, 2005

Anatomy of a Project: Binding the Strip Quilt

The strip quilt….it is done.  After machine quilting for what seemed like an eternity (In actuality it probably didn’t take that long. It just felt like an eternity because I don’t have a walking foot and was forced, several times, to rip out rows of stitches due to bunchiness.  Note to self, get a walking foot.) the strip quilt is finally done! 

I put it all together with a medium gray French binding and called it a day.  Calling all babies, it is now ready for play time.

Made | 07.11.11

I was gone for a while…but I came back. Call it summer vacation. The time was mostly spent grilling food, sharing it with friends, and laying by the pool.

Anywhoo, this weekend I made some things; most notably a quilt for a teeny tiny baby (it’s a girl!)

and some plans for more projects.