We’re Going on Vacation…


and  I finally get to use my Weekender bag!  We’ll see how it holds up in a jaunt across the country.  I plan to use it as my carry-on and I really hope it will stow safely under the seat in front of me. 

I’ve made a few other things along the way that get used when we go on trips.  The first thing was a request from Chris who travels the world for work: shoe bags.  He had gotten one with a super fancy shoe purchase and then we realized we both needed them. Badly. 

Here are some I made from a selection of his old dress shirts.  I’ve lined the interior of the bags with some soft flannel I had lying around for an extra layer of shoe protection.

please excuse this phone photo

And here are some I’ve made for my mom.  I learned a few things from the first time around, namely don’t be afraid to make them too big.  Ours are a little snug, but mom’s shoe bags are nice and roomy.  They are really just a simple drawstring bag (but a little larger) like this one here at Sew 4 Home

Another thing I’ve made, courtesy of last years February issue of Martha Stewart Living, is this tie envelope.  As previously mentioned, Chris travels the world for work and thus needs a way to transport his ties. 

Were I to make this again, I would defiantly add some heavy weight interfacing or maybe even cardboard to stiffen the sides of the envelope a little better.  Overall, however, it works pretty well.

Do you have any fun things you’ve made to travel with?  Do tell. And don’t worry, I may be going on vacation but I’ve prepared enough posts to get through my time off.  You wont even know that I’m gone!


4 thoughts on “We’re Going on Vacation…

  1. Your weekender bag is just gorgeous! I made one for a friend a while ago, but haven’t had the motivation to make one for myself yet :-P. Love the tie envelope too – such a great idea.


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