Sketchbook Archive | 04.16.11

This post was supposed to go up yesterday but did not.  When you read this pretend it’s Friday, okay? Good.


Note: Some of those sketchbooks belong to Chris. That is not even our full collection.

In college I was in the habit of carrying a sketchbook with me all the time. They encourage that in architecture school. By year 4 my sketchbook went everywhere with me and contained everything from my class notes to general musings. I would buy purses specifically based on my current sketchbook size.  It’s a tragedy when your new purse doesn’t fit your sketchbook.  In fact, you know how in the front of Moleskines there is a place to put contact information and a reward? Well, the inside of my sketchbooks all looked like this. 


See how I told people the sketchbook was my child and offer them my undying gratitude? I would try to appeal to people’s passion instead of their wallets. Admittedly maybe not the best idea, I only ever lost one sketchbook but I never did get it back. Alas, I was a poor college student.
I’ve recently started looking through these old sketchbooks searching for interesting patterns and buildings to sew into pillows or quilt blocks. There are some pretty good/quirky/interesting things in those sketchbooks and I’m going to share them with you in hopes of rekindling my sketch-booking spirit. Every Friday will now feature my sketchbook archive. May you be entertained and maybe even inspired. I begin with something silly.

May 2006

Right next to my notes about septic systems, I find this underwater sea helmet. I’m not sure how they go together. I hope no one is going diving in a septic system. In any event I love the loose squiggly shading of that helmet.  Further down on the page I found this

May 2006


so maybe this diving helmet is just a hypothetical flight of fancy. Hmmm.
Happy Friday Lovelies.  I hope your weekend is filled with hypothetical flights of fancy


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