Made: This Weekend

A trip to Ft. Worth and the rodeo. Chris took some really awesome photos that you can find in his Etsy shop DrinkUp&ComeHome. Then we sat in some saddles.


photo via Chris Sommers (DrinkUp&ComeHome)


photo via Chris Sommers


Yet another roasted chicken, so easy and delicious.


A new ‘About Me’ tab.  You may have noticed a few new tabs appearing last week.  A tab for photos of all my finished projects (quite a motivator) and a tab explaining a little more about why I make things.  That tab has just been updated.


Bag progress!  It looks like a real bag.  I sewed on the remaining side panel and put in the bottom panel.  Hopefully the hard part is behind me as sewing through two layers of home decor fabric, 2 layers of Peltex, three layers of interfacing, and a welt cord all at once is a little challenging.  All that’s left is the lining then bring on the travel.


Weekender Bag




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