Being the savvy readers you are, I’m sure you know about Pounce on Etsy.  It’s one button to push that will bring you wonderous shops that have yet to make a sale or have made only one.  I just pounced and found some handprinted pillow covers from AnnieRossDesigns.  Check out this stark white pillow with black welt cord and a silhouette of the queen. Lovely.


Made: This Weekend

One pot of chicken stock from scratch using the chicken left over from this recipe (delicious!) and the throw-everything-from-your-fridge-in-a-pot-and-let-it-boil-for-a-loooong-time method. 

One batch of nut based granola. It’s not bad but after a little tweaking, it’s going to be delicious. Go granola!

Two thirds of a weekender bag! I got the zipper in, the side pocket on, and a side panel attached.  I’m using my zipper foot but still having trouble sewing close enough to the welt cord to hide my previous seams.  I had to rip out a section of stitching twice.  There have to be some tricks, you should share them with me.

It Must Be Fate

A mere few hours after I posted my vision of a beautiful red and white quilt (which I now know is called a dresdon plate, thanks mom) I find this link.  What is it you ask?  It’s three centuries of red and white quilts at the American Folk Art Museum in New York.  Were I in New York at the end of March I would definitely go see it.  The photo from National Geographic of quilts swirling down from the ceiling is more than enough reason.  I would like my quilts to swirl down from the ceiling.     

A New Quilt Maybe?

I’ve been reading a lot of sewing blogs lately.  I think it was Sew Mama Sew that led me to Don’t Call Me Betsy that led me to From the Blue Chair.  It was there that I found this block made by Kati.

photo via http://www.fromthebluechair.com
I’ve seen countless versions of this block before.  I’m pretty sure there’s one of these quilts at my parent’s house.  I was never very excited about them, I’ve never wanted to make any before.  Then I saw Kati’s version.  For some reason I love it.  I’m not sure if it’s the colors or the way the pattern in the middle fits perfectly into the circle but I love it.  I have a vision of a queen sized version in reds and whites.  I’ll have to start building my red/white stash.  I can start with the scraps from my Bearcat Quilt.  What about you?  Do you have any favorite red and white patterns I need to be aware of?

Happy Valentine’s Day

I haven’t just been sitting around during my bag hiatus, I’ve been making Valentines.  Since Chris and I are not a Christmas card sending family (which I have plans to change) I decided to sent out a few little Valentine’s Day notes.


Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies.

(P.S. I went to the fabric store this weekend.  Yay!  Photos of a finished Weekender bag are forthcoming.)

The Snow Made Me Do It (Or Not Do It)

Well I didn’t make it to the fabric store this week for more interfacing.  I think I have a legitimate excuse though.

It’s no Chicago but six inches of snow on top of a layer of ice wreak havoc in a city with no snow plows or rock salt.  Add to that rolling blackouts and a burst water pipe in my building and it’s been an eventful week.  I don’t know about you, but I should sure go for a swim.*

* Actually I could not go for a swim as I don’t know how! What I could go for? Some 80 degree sitting by the pool weather.

My New Years Resolution….In February

Yes, this post may be a little late.  I blame babies and the need to make cute things for them.

In the spirit of the New Year I offer you a resolution: This year I will finish what I start.

I have a confession to make, I have notoriously high ambitions and low follow through.  Some projects get started and not finished but most projects never get started at all. I want to make everything.  I want to purses and pillows and sew many quilts for many people.  This is a situation that I think needs some attention.  I have quite a stash of fabric and supplies taking up most of the available storage in my laundry room just waiting for the next big project.  So now, I think I’ll get started.

First on my list: bags, bags, and bags. Well, really just two bags. My original goal was to have two new carry on bags for the trip home for Christmas, one for me, one for the husband.  Well this is about as far as I’ve gotten. 



I’d been eyeing the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag pattern for a while and in October decided to go for it.  I charged in one weekend and all was going well until I ran out of interfacing.  Since then my bag pieces have taken refuge in a picnic basket.  No more!  I will go to the fabric store and buy more interfacing!  I just told you I would, so now I have to do it.

My second bag project has gotten as far as this and this.

Really just photos of amazing bags Chris has fallen in love with.  I have yet to figure out how to exactly execute something like this with no pattern.  I’m also not sure how to figure out if my bargain basement sewing machine can handle the leather Chris has his heart set on.  It will be an adventure, an adventure that I will finish in a timely manner.  Really. This time I promise.

So those are the next to projects up on the docket.  We’ll see how this goes.  I’m optimistic.

P.S. How awesome is this Vicki Payne bird fabric?