Where Do You Go For Fabric?

  Everyone has a favorite place to go to find fabric.  What’s yours?  I have a few “sweet spots” that I can go to and usually come out with something inspiring.  Here I’m going to let you in on all of my secrets.

First and foremost, there is the fabric store.  The ubiquitous-find-it-everywhere fabric store is all well and good, but when I’m looking for something fantastic I go to City Craft.  City Craft opened in Dallas last year and for those of you who do not live in the area, I can tell you that you are missing out.  Big time.  Not only does City Craft carry an amazing array of the latest fabrics from designers like Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, and Michael Miller, they also carry patterns, books, glow in the dark embroidery floss.  Seriously, they are making sewing cool again.  (Although I always thought that it was.)  Pictured below is just a small sampling of my stash.  They also have a multitude of classes and can be credited with curing my fear of zippers.  Thanks Calle and Erin!


Another favorite place for great finds is the Create and Barrel Outlet store.  “Wait a minute,” you say, “Create and Barrel for fabric?”  Yes!  They carry Marimekko fabrics in most of their stores.  Merrimiko is responsible for a lot of the great prints on Crate and Barrel items.  At the outlet store they sell fabric off the bolt.


Get this, they also sell remnants by the pound!!  No, you did not read that incorrectly.  Create and Barrel Outlet sells fabric remnants by the pound and on the cheap.  I think it’s $1 or $2 a pound.  I have sifted through their baskets and walked out with an armful of fabric for $1.97.

But wait, Crate and Barrel Outlet is not only good for remnants but also for pillow cases, placemats, and curtains.  When I go into a home store I always look for sale items I can cut up and repurpose into something else.  Last summer I bought a beautiful gray fabric from Crate and Barrel Outlet in the form of two king sized pillow cases on sale for ridiculously cheap.  So far, I have made two pillows covers, three small clutches, and a coin purse.  There is still more than half of a pillow case left!  This is my go to fabric. 

It goes with everything and looks awesome.  But wait.  Do you see the backside of that pillow cover?  That is a placemat, also bought on the same shopping trip.  Next time you are in any store that sells linens for the home, keep your eyes and your mind open.


I also feature a few purses in my shop made from vintage men’s dress shirts and scarves.  You can find these at any Salvation Army,  Good Will, or man’s closet.  The fabric quality is usually fantastic and the subtle patterns make for great backgrounds or sophisticated foregrounds.  They can be harder to work with depending on the seaming or size of your shirt but it is totally worth it.  Plus, the details like the cuff and buttons are great opportunities to get creative.


So, that’s it.  Those are my three “go-to” fabric spots.  You now know everything.  Just remember to keep your eyes open!  Even Home Depot offers possibilities….