Dallas Flea

I had so much fun at the Dallas Flea on Saturday! I arrived early to help man the Dwell With Dignity table right up front. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

I, of course, forgot my camera and had to take this photo with my phone. Sorry it’s so blurry!

There were tons of Texas based artists and shops. I had a delicious s’more cookie from Tart Bakery located on Lovers Lane while I browsed the booths in the afternoon.

My faaaaavorite, hands down, of the whole event was Noshii. Nosheen Iqbal is a London born artist and designer living here in Dallas. She creates beautiful pieces by combining painted wood panels and veneers with embroidery. They are, in one word, stunning. Check out these pieces from her website.

photo via http://www.noshii.com

She has also ventured into jewelry creating beautiful cuff bracelets and rings. I lust after this bracelet.

photo via http://www.nosheensaima.blogspot.com

And check out these lovelies from her blog available at Byrd and Bleeker in Ft. Worth. How sweet would these be hanging in a child’s nursery, or anywhere for that matter. So Pretty. Please go to here website www.noshii.com and look around.

photo via http://www.nosheensaima.blogspot.com

Another artist I fell in love with is Peace Traveler. Peace Traveler transforms vintage luggage with paint and stencils to create beauties like these.

photos via http://www.etsy.com/shop/peacetraveler

Check out that vintage hair dryer case made brand new with the crisp black chandelier. And how much fun would it be to travel with one of these carry on items? All these pieces are available in the Peace Traveler Etsy shop, right here.


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