Pandas Are Cute!

Chris and I are going to birthday party for our friend’s one year old this weekend. The invitation says “no presents please.” Does anyone ever pay attention to this? I never do. I love giving presents!  So I thought about it for a while and decided to make a stuffed panda bear.

I turned to my book Baby Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo, to find a pattern I then modified and added to.  (I highly recommend this book.  It is full of cute patterns for babies.)

I used 100% bamboo felt which is some of the softest felt I’ve found. For the first bear, I followed the pattern pretty closely and created the head and body as separate pieces. After they were completed, I sewed them together.

This worked out okay, however, I definitely had some trouble stitching the two pieces together cleanly and because they were originally two pieces, the head flops over when you hold it up.

I was not happy with either of these issues so I gave it another try. This time I redrew the pattern so that the head and body were one piece. I completed the rest of the pattern as stated in the book, adding the eye patches and the black stripe across the torso.

I even stitched a little red heart onto it’s back.

While the next time I will probably make his body a little rounder, I think this panda turned out pretty well.

This project was actually surprisingly easy.  I’m so excited to give this to Scoot for his birthday!


Terrarium Bonanza

It seems as though terrariums are all the rage lately and are popping up all over the web. They all look so pretty. I feel like if I had a terrarium it would end up a soggy mess of condensed water and rotting plants. There must be some kind of secret water to plant ratio.

My personal favorite is featured as a how-to article on The Hipster Home: a tiny terrarium in a light bulb. There is something about the juxtaposition of the industrial light bulb with the natural elements that I love. Plus, this article makes it look like I could actually make this and maybe even succeed in keeping it alive. This particular terrarium is made by Julie over at Tiny Terra. I think I may have to give it a try.

photo via The Hipster Home

These next two terrariums were featured on Design Sponge in February. The first from VivaTerra is 14 inches high. I think I would like to have it in my kitchen and surround it with real pears.

photo via

Litill, located in the pacific northwest, creates these lux terrariums in their hand blown glass vessels. Beautiful pieces of living art.

photo of Litill terrariums via Design Sponge

The terrarium trend is also showing up in jewelry. Check out these pendants I found on Etsy. Seller WarmCountryMeadows makes teeny tiny terrariums in 2″ long glass vials that you could wear around your neck. I should think it would make you feel like a woodland sprite.

photo via

Things I Love: Fiberglass Chair

A brand new Whole Foods just opened up in Dallas. It is huge and filled with natural sunlight. Yesterday they donated 1% of all of their proceeds to Dwell with Dignity. Whooo! I was there in the morning manning the informational table. While I was waiting for everyone else to get there, I stopped by their little cafe to grab a cup of coffee and I noticed these chairs.

(once again, taken with my phone.)

I love these Eames style fiberglass chairs. I especially love the contrast of the fiberglass shell with the natural wood base. So much so that I pulled that move where I get down on the floor to try to find the manufacturer’s name on the underside of the chair. This is not the first time. The company is Modernica out of L.A. They have a website full of modern/mid century style furniture. Check it out.

LJSG is on Etsy!

At the beginning of the month I launched Lily June Strawberry Girl on Etsy! To find me, go to and search the sellers for Lilyjune. Or, just click here. I’m starting out slow with a few purses and bags made right here in my dining room. In the next few weeks I hope to see my inventory grow. Check it out! (Seriously, go now and tell your friends.)

P.S. While you’re there, you should stop by DrinkUpandComeHome (the husband) to check out all the amazing photography.

Dallas Flea

I had so much fun at the Dallas Flea on Saturday! I arrived early to help man the Dwell With Dignity table right up front. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

I, of course, forgot my camera and had to take this photo with my phone. Sorry it’s so blurry!

There were tons of Texas based artists and shops. I had a delicious s’more cookie from Tart Bakery located on Lovers Lane while I browsed the booths in the afternoon.

My faaaaavorite, hands down, of the whole event was Noshii. Nosheen Iqbal is a London born artist and designer living here in Dallas. She creates beautiful pieces by combining painted wood panels and veneers with embroidery. They are, in one word, stunning. Check out these pieces from her website.

photo via

She has also ventured into jewelry creating beautiful cuff bracelets and rings. I lust after this bracelet.

photo via

And check out these lovelies from her blog available at Byrd and Bleeker in Ft. Worth. How sweet would these be hanging in a child’s nursery, or anywhere for that matter. So Pretty. Please go to here website and look around.

photo via

Another artist I fell in love with is Peace Traveler. Peace Traveler transforms vintage luggage with paint and stencils to create beauties like these.

photos via

Check out that vintage hair dryer case made brand new with the crisp black chandelier. And how much fun would it be to travel with one of these carry on items? All these pieces are available in the Peace Traveler Etsy shop, right here.

Bonus Post: Dwell With Dignity

Last week I attended a volunteer meeting for the organization Dwell With Dignity. This group, based in Dallas, helps families escape poverty and homelessness by donating and installing apartments full of furniture. They really are an amazing group and rely on donations from local companies, designers, and showrooms. I can’t wait to start volunteering! For more information, check out their website and blog.

This weekend Dwell With Dignity is going to be a featured vendor at the Dallas Flea. I have never been to the Dallas Flea before but I’m super excited to go. It’s a market composed of Texas based businesses and designers selling all kinds of unique items. I will be manning the Dwell With Dignity table from 9-12:30. Stop by, say hi, and pick up a signature “Fresh Start” candle to support this great organization. Hope to see you there!

The Dallas Flea is Saturday from 9:00-4:00, 1409 South Lamar Street, $5.00 entry fee